How to Meditate Deeply: A Beginners Step-by-Step Guide

by Michael Hughes

how to meditate deeplyIf you want to learn how to meditate deeply you must find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes.

20 minutes is about the ideal time for deep meditation

Although when you’re starting off, you may want to meditate for a shorter period, say 5 – 10 minutes.

But aim to build up to 20 minutes.

Also, the room you’re in should be dark or have very low lighting as it’ll be easier to achieve deep meditation.

You’ll need a timer. (You can use the one your mobile phone).

Then, get a straight-backed chair such as a kitchen chair or an office type chair.

But don’t use an armchair as it’ll be too easy to fall asleep.

 Beginning your meditation

Set your timer.

Sit in your chair, close your eyes, place your hands in your lap and take a deep breath.

Now, as you breathe out allow your shoulders to drop down and relax.

Repeat this breathing and relaxing another 2 times.

Then focus on either your right or left hand – whichever is dominant.

When I say focus I mean “feel”.

You focus on your hands so that you can “feel” them.

Why is it important to feel your hands?

Because when you can “feel” your hands (or any part of your body) you’re in the present moment – not lost in memories of the past or thoughts of the future.

But you’re in the here-and-now.

Why should you focus on your hands especially?

You focus on your hands because you’re more deeply connected to them than the rest of your body.

And it’s easier, at least in the beginning stages of your meditation journey, than focusing on your feet for example.

Also, if you’re right-handed you’ll be more connected to your right hand.

And if you’re left-handed you’ll be more connected to your left hand.

So start-off with your dominant hand.

Now, either dim the lights, or turn the lights off completely as it’ll make your meditation easier.

Concentrate on your right hand (or left, if you’re a lefty) on your lap.

Try to “feel” your hand.

Focus on just your thumb. Try to “feel” your thumb.

If you have trouble feeling it, just move it a bit. Then stop moving it and try to feel it again.

When you can feel it, keep focusing on it and you’ll notice it getting warm, or you may experience a tingling sensation.

Either way, you want to increase the sensation of warmth or tingling.

When you can focus on your thumb and really feel it, then move your concentration to your first finger.

Repeat the process and focus on your first finger just as you did with the thumb.

Take your time and really “feel” your first finger.

Then, move onto your second finger and all your other fingers in turn.

And then start back at your thumb again.

Continue this until you can feel each finger and then do the same on your other hand starting with your thumb.

When you’ve done it on your other hand then concentrate on the middle of your forehead.

Now it starts to get bit complicated – but take your time.

You don’t have to do it all in one session – you can break it down into as many as you need.

So, you concentrate on the middle of your forehead as if it were a window and you’re “looking” out through the window into the darkness in your mind.

When you “look” through the middle of your forehead in a darkened room you’ll see darkness.

But it’s not totally dark, even if the room is completely dark.

There’s usually some light in the darkness. And this is what I want you to look at.

But when I say “look” I don’t mean to look with your eyes as if you were straining to see something in the distance.

But rather you “look” with your mind.

For example, think of a tree – you can “see” the tree with your mind not your eyes.

So, continue to look through the middle of your forehead as if looking through a window.

Now, at the same time go back to concentrating on your dominant hand.

Focus on your thumb – try to feel it.

Now you’re doing 2 things at the same time – looking through the middle of your forehead and concentrating on your thumb.

Actually, your attention will tend to switch from your hand to your forehead and back to your hand again.

But this is perfectly ok.

When you can “feel” your thumb, move your concentration to your first finger.

Then continue with each finger in turn, all the time concentrating on the middle of your forehead as if looking through a window.

When you’ve “felt” each finger on your dominant hand, do the same on your other hand.

Now, when you’ve “felt” each finger on your other hand you then concentrate on both hands together.

Start-off with both of your thumbs – become aware of both thumbs so that you can feel them.

Then concentrate on each pair of fingers in turn still looking through the middle of your forehead.

You may find it easier to join your hands together whilst they’re resting in your lap.

  • So your left thumb is touching your right thumb,
  • your left 1st finger is touching your right 1st finger,
  • your left 2nd finger is touching your right 2nd finger,
  • your left 3rd finger is touching your right 3rd finger
  • and your left little finger is touching your right little finger.

Now, concentrate on your thumbs – feel the pressure at the point where they meet.

Concentrate on that point until you can “feel” your thumbs.

Then move your concentration onto your 1st fingers.

Repeat for all pairs of fingers.

And then come back to your thumbs again.

Now, as you’re doing your meditation a thought may pop up.

It could be a recent thought or it could be a memory from your distant past.

Watch the thought by looking through the middle of your forehead, without making any judgement, positive or negative.

Watch the thought as if you were a distant, uninvolved observer.

If you get lost in a thought (which you eventually will), you’ll forget to be aware of your fingers and your forehead.

But when you realise this, you’ll immediately snap back to awareness and you’ll continue concentrating on them again.

So your meditation will usually start out by you being aware of your hands and forehead.

Then becoming lost in a thought. Realising that you’re lost and coming back to awareness.

Then getting lost again; and so it goes – it’s a constant battle.

But every now and then you may experience the quiet-mind-state.

The quiet-mind-state is where the constant chatter of your mind is silent.

And your mind is quiet and still like the surface of a lake on a windless day.

When your timer goes off don’t jump up out of your chair straight away.

Open your eyes, and look around the room.

You may feel a bit different, so allow a couple of minutes to adjust before standing up.

How do you feel?

  • Are you less stressed than when you began?
  • Do you feel more aware?
  • Are you more relaxed?

But this is not merely relaxation but deep meditation

And, unlike relaxation, deep meditation can transform you, change you, improve you like no other practice under the sun.

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Carlo Benzi

Thanks! This method really helped me to meditate better than others. I appreciate it!


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome Carlo. Thanks for the comment.



I will gives this a try today thank you for the tips


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome Wimmo



Excellent meditation advice. EXCELLENT.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Thanks for the comment Nabs.


Ruben You Done Goofed

Tank you for this wonderful advice its really helped me out a lot with my stress problems!!! 😀


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Glad it helped you Ruben.


Michael Mitchell

Sorry, i know this is probably not a regular question, but this “feeling” with your mind….could this be applied to exercise? im 14 and im an athletic sprinter, and i was just wondering if i could “feel” certain muscles in different areas and connect more deeply with those muscle to access them faster and to actually use more of the muscle fibers? Just to make more use of them? I’d be really grateful to get an answer


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Yes it could. If you focus on any area of your body you bring more energy to it.

If you focus on a muscle whilst exercising, you will affect it more than if you were to distract yourself by listening to music, for example



I would really like to meditate, I’ve never tried it before. But I don’t quite understand what you mean by “concentrating on the middle of your forehead as if you were looking through a window”?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You may have to practice it for a while until something “clicks” and you get it. But try this: close your eyes and think of a tree.

Where do you see the tree? You see it in the middle of your forehead – that’s where I want you to look.



Very helpful..this technique helped me to meditate better..thanks


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome JP



awesome,always wanted to meditate ….but always got lost in a thought and would give away..
hope next time I meditate …..I can meditate and d rest may also…;).



Hi Mike,

I really liked your meditation technique. But I have a question here. When you say in your technique that one should concentrate on the middle of forehead as if looking through a window, this looking through the window is inside out to the world or outside into the mind’s darkness?




Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Manoj,

It’s just a way of looking at your thoughts. You look into the darkness in your mind.

Sometimes your mind is dark – sometimes it’s not so dark.
Sometimes there are images there – sometimes there are no images.

Either way, you concentrate on the middle of your forehead as though you were looking through a window into the darkness.



Hi Michael, this helps a lot .. I always wanted to meditate now at least I know the steps in the right organization ..
Becoz I usually focus on my fingers or any of my body parts and I feel it getting warmer ..

Do u think music can help or it should be really silent ?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Meditation is about watching and listening to your thoughts, emotions, memories – whatever happens to pop-up.

If you have music playing, you’ll be listening to the outside instead of the inside.

So, ideally, you want to be in a relatively quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.



I really appreciate all your articles. Please do write many more articles.



Hi Sir

What is the goal of meditation? I don’t mean to relieve stress ,good health, etc but what is there beyond


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

The ultimate goal of meditation is to discover the truth and live it



I’m in search of it since my childhood . . . . .



Will listening to music eg Ravi Shankar sitar etc, benefit me starting off on this journey or not? I listen to this music and find it VERY relaxing. But can it be a distraction? Also I have chronic neck pain for life. And painkillers don’t do the trick. Peace n LOVE.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

It’s best not to listen to music whilst meditating – you really want to be listening to your inner self. The music will be a distraction.



I’ve been practicing for a few months and have found that if I focus on my breath I don’t have good body awareness. Something clicked recently when I started focusing on the sensations in my body and on my breath in the background.

Where does breath awareness come in to this (or does it)?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Ciaran,
There are many different types of meditation. The one I teach dosen’t use the breath.
When you use focused attention on your body you’ll be in the present moment – not lost in thoughts.






i can’t even believe it. This is great I’m just starting and it just all happened i wasn’t even trying



Sounds good, I will try it tonight as I am over stressed…

Cheers mate,




would this form of meditation aid strongly in improving focus, concentration and attention? I have read numerous cases of add/adhd and meditation is a proposed option, amongst others like exercise and other natural solutions. skimming through these steps I’ve noticed there is a strong ‘zoning in’ on the bodies natural frequency while keeping a fix on the minds eye. my deduction is this would be a mild form of multitasking, which is my weakpoint, as I get easily distracted by other thoughts and stimuli. am I correct in making these conclusions or is there another form of meditation you would recommend?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Pebbles,

Well…it can help you to focus and concentrate.

But it all depends – you may discover you’re focusing on the wrong things.

You might get a whole new view-point on life, and the things you think are important now, may not seem so important.

If you’re getting easily distracted I’d recommend the Meditation CD.

The meditation technique is taught over 5 days and you’ll find it easier to listen and follow along.



I’m meditating for astral projection and kinesis purposes. For the longest time I have been mediating using different methods (focusing on the breathing, visualization of colors for white light production, etc.) but this method is so elaborate. I love it. I could not only do fingers but toes, parts of the legs , arms anything. Being able to feel the energy am moving it is great practice for concentration. This is perfect thank you.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Marcus,

There is a danger with astral projection.

For people who are not aware of astral projection, let me give a quick explanation.

Your consciousness (or soul) can leave your body and travel to distant places.

Sometimes, when people are undergoing surgery, they’ll suddenly jump out of their body and look down at themselves on the operating table.

It can also happen spontaniously, as has happend to me.

Your consciousness (soul) is attached to your body by a thin thread or connection.

If you hop out of your body and go travelling around the world, when you decide that it’s time to go back “home” you may find that you can’t get back in.

Because something else has taken up residence.



I am a 15 year old girl and I’ve been told that I have physic abilities…I’ve been told by my mom n by my friends mom which she’s a medium…I’m not sure if I really believe in it but is it possible??? Cause I have dreams all the time of specific symbols n sometimes my dreams will come true…kinda like dashavu…in my one dream my moms ex boyfriends dad had died, n in a week later he did die from a stroke jus like in my dream…another dream i had was about a friends house that I’ve never been to, and when I spent the night I knew where every room was and she lives n a really big house….and sometimes when I touch someone I can feel there energy, there thoughts…especially when I started doing this meditation routine…am I crazy? Am I different from other people? And am I really a physic?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Samantha,

I can’t say if you’re psychic or not.

But, if you have disturbing dreams, there may be other reasons for them.
I’d advise you to meditate in the way I teach regularly each day.

And put your concerns about psychic abilities aside for now.

You need to control your own thoughts, and emotions.

And by “control” I don’t mean to supress them.

But you simply sit down each day and watch them without making any judgment.

There’s a dark side to the medium/psychic world that I wouldn’t want you to get caught-up in.



This really helped meh out with my anxiety and depression I found it better to Meditate then taking different pills that sometimes wouldn’t work but thanks for this! C: One think I was wondering if I could get to my dream state while meditating to see images of to hear words like meh know I am curious to find out.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Abby,
I’m pleased that the meditation technique helped with your anxiety and depression but I don’t quite understand the question about dreams.



When u say feel yo hand how do I do that without the other hand


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Lakisha,
Try this exercise:

Find a straight-backed chair (one without arms), sit down and hang your right arm down by your side.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your hand. After a while you’ll be able to “feel” it. This is what I mean when I say “feel” your hand.


sarah purvis

Nice…gonna totally try it ..thnxs



OMG! that was amazing! I’m going to keep that meditating thing in mind cause i get stressed a lot and i get stressed easily…
I love your work!


Mitch A.

Instead of a chair could you sit on the ground or is it best to sit in a chair?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Mitch,

It really doesn’t matter if you meditate sitting in a chair or on the ground. It’s just easier in a chair.

In some parts of the world it’s common for people to sit on the floor. so they meditate on floor also.



found it very informative and interesting…thank you so much 🙂



I want to know whether it is a must that when you are looking through the middle of the forehead, a picture must appear, or it can be just a plain darkness?. As I was doing, I could not figure out any Picture,
am I doing it wrongly?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Richard,
No, a picture doesn’t have to appear.

You have two main points of focus – your hands and the middle of your forehead.
You don’t want to focus on one point only as you may become fixated. And then your meditation becomes just a relaxation technique.

Also, your attention is always changing from finger to finger and to the middle of your forehead.

When an image pops into your mind where you “see” it is in the middle of your forehead.
So, in meditation you concentrate on this place. And it’s like looking into the middle of your forehead.
But you don’t do it by looking with your eyes – if you do that all you’re looking at is the inside of your closed eyelids.

It takes a while to get the hang of it. Click here to get the Meditation CD. You’ll find it easier to follow along in a more step-by-step format.



hii sir!
this article may help me in meditation. i have never done meditation. but i’m very weak at studies means just from last 2 year. i want to focus on studies does this meditation will help? i want to concentrate n studies and get good marks how can i achieve that through meditation? please help?



Very informative post, thanks alot



find the true master who will give you word. the five spiritual words. than meditate with these word and your master will give u current light and current sound 1st day. respect your beloved master he has ability to travel your soul in universe. soundless and nameless region. where light and sound everywhere. no human being is without light and sound but true master will awake you and help you to find the true path. my master param sant baljit singh ji maharaj give me word. my master is able to awakening the spirit. if anyone intrested can contact with my master vishavmanav kendra navanagar haryana on google search engine



Awesome. Im going to try it. ur wise. im going to visualize at same time though



Hi Mike.. Thanks for pdf..
As a lecturer m left with less time for meditation after teaching resting gyming n self study.. Is it ok if i practice meditation once in a day???
Will it give me favourable result???


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Although it’s better to meditate twice each day, once is OK if you have limited time. But the most important thing is to make it a regular practice.



Hi Mike,

I have just now became interested in the Element of Attraction thus researching about meditation as it is highly recommended.

I like the way you broke down the steps to deep meditation for beginners like me. Please advise if one can incorporate the attraction as soon as one is in the zone meaning after all the steps are followed and feeling the present inner self?



I have tried meditation before, but I never stick to it. After a day or two it usually takes some days before I start meditating again. Your article is very interesting. I will start today as I need to silence my mind. Too stressed lately



ima try this and once i master it i will comment or here again so i can let the person no how it really works for me and how this could work for anyone who hasnt tried this out



How do you “feel” your fingers?? I mean, do you just try and collect the movement of them or what? Besides that, this was all really great advice and I plan on practicing it next time I meditate. Thank you!!


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

If you close your eyes and concentrate on your right hand you’ll experience something – it might be warmth, it might be heaviness, it might be tingling. But you’ll “feel” something. When you can do it with your hand, then you can try to do it with a finger.

In fact this will work with any part of your body. But it’s easier with your hands in the beginning.



Hi I am a beginner for meditation, and I have to say through everything that I been through in my life I am a very paranoid person, I also have an anxiety problem. I am trying to change for myself and for my son. I’m just looking forward to getting myself back to normal. Right now, I feel like a zombie pulling hard to get through the day with so much clutter in my head to where; I can’t think straight and it’s so frustrating. I would love to meditate. I really need to clear my head it might do good for my anxiety. I have read on YouTube that people see eyes and colors through meditation, is it true? Me being so paranoid when I close my eyes for a second, I feel as if someone is close to my face and staring at me, which makes it hard for me to try and meditate. I know I live in fear and I am trying to change it. I can’t think of the last time where I been calm and had some quiet as I’m afraid if being by myself with my eyes closed. Any suggestions?


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