How to Deal With Negative People

by Michael Hughes

To deal with negative people there are two things that you must do…

The first is that you have to be prepared.

Which means making sure that you meditate at least twice each day – first thing  in the morning and last thing at night.

When you meditate in the morning you’ll put yourself in an aware state which will create a slight distance between you and the influence of negative people.

And when you meditate before you go to bed it’ll ensure that you don’t carry- over negative thoughts from the day.

The second thing is to become aware of your Emotional Zone Point.

What is an Emotional Zone Point?

When you experience an emotion you’ll feel it in a particular place in your  body.

For example, if you get angry you may feel it in your stomach area, if you feel  sadness you may feel it in your throat area and if you experience a sense of  loss you may feel it in your chest.

But these Emotional Zone Points may not be in exactly the same place for  everyone. Especially in something very complex like a phobia.

In the case of a phobia you may have multiple Emotional Zone Points. And they could be  literally anywhere from your left big toe to your right shoulder to your left  palm.

And these Emotional Zone Points or simply Zone Points are not some mysterious energy centres – they are real and you can feel them.

They’ve even entered our language.

For example you may hear someone saying, “I  felt sick to my stomach,” When they were very upset. Or they may say, “My heart is broken,” when experiencing intense grief. Or “I was all choked-up,” when getting some bad news.

When you meet a negative person and that person “gets to you” you’ll have an emotional reaction.

And if you’ve reacted badly once you’ll react quicker the next time. Even when you think about that person you may have a negative reaction.

How to Defend Yourself From the Influence of Negative People: The Zone Point Technique

Unless you’ve been meditating regularly for some time, or if you don’t have  access to a skilled Zone Point Technique therapist, you may not be able to focus correctly.

But here’s the basic idea.

Imagine that there’s a person who continually “gets on your nerves.”

They may be constantly critical about everything you do.

They may be rude or aggressive.

They might even be pleasant on the outside (or not, as the case may be).

But, either way, they’ll cause you to react. And you’ll feel it in your body.

And the place that you feel it will be an Emotional Zone Point.

For example, say you get upset and you get an unpleasant feeling in your stomach area.

You should then concentrate on that area. I’m not talking about imagination here but feeling.

You concentrate on the Zone Point so that you can feel it.

In the past you may have tried to ignore the feeling in the hope that it would go  away. But this is the wrong thing to do.

I’m telling you to do the opposite and experience the feeling.

When you “zone-in” on this area it will start to shrink.

Keep feeling it and it may shrink so much that you can almost pin-point it.

The smaller it gets, the less it will affect you.

If you think of that negative person when they’re not even in the room and you  get an emotional reaction, you should focus on the Zone Point.

Now, you may not be “cured” the very first time that you use this method.

But every time that you come into contact with that negative person and you do  this technique you’ll reverse the process that made you react to them in the first place.

Eventually the feeling will disappear and you’ll no longer have the problem.


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Carole McKee

Mike, Please check out my blog and see my last entry. It is all about a negative person in my life. He lives right next store. People are laughing at the blog entry.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Hi Carole – Yes, it’s pretty funny



Thank you for sharing this. I needed assistance in this area and didn’t know where to start to look for it. God used you and I am very thankful.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome Jaki


Cesar Garcia

Michael, I have read your words and believe it or not, they came to me at the right moment. I´m experiencing what I call as “Disturbed Something” that comes from my Wife, that´s happening since five months or so. It makes me lose my smile and affects how I talk and listen to Her. I haven´t had any kind of reasons to feel like that, I respect Her and care for Her but anyway that strange sensation is affecting me. How can I help myself?, I really don´t understand what is wrong, I love Her. I would appreciate your comment, Thank You so much!!


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Make sure that you meditate everyday. Think about what happened five months ago. Consider talking to your wife about it



It `s too difficult to change negative to positive mind.
One of my think, I will try all of my own idea to do. After that, I will receive
all of my destiny.


Mansur Reza

All above those points are good but I do not think that to deal with negative people we have to go under meditation experience.
If we are educated enough and have little bit theoretical knowledge about negative people’s attribute and have at least a good friend to whom I can discus problem then I can teach a good lesson to those negative people in very suitable way.
Well, thanks anyway Mr. Mike Hughes for this subject.



Dear Michael,
Coping with hard people is difficult.Meditation works while dealing
with negative individuals.Thank you for being so helpful.Is there a
way to meditate for ten minutes twice daily?


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

Of course. Just do it for ten minutes. You don’t have to do it for twenty minutes each time. The most important thing is to do it every day.


Nidia Isabel

Thank you Michael for all your help. I appreciate it very much. Blessings.


umar faruk hamisu

glad i meet u . thought i have been able to do it on my own .but i do not know how i usually do it…people tel me….but am happy will learn more.thanks



Thanks Michael!,love your posts!


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome Sandra



Thank you for your continuing support through the e-books and readings you’ve sent to me. I’m a disabled Veteran with anxiety disorder. I must say, I get more help from you than I do from medications and the VA mental health doctors. I have reported to the VA, that I get more help from you than the VA doctors and therapist. Please continue your good work.


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

I’m glad to be of help Julius.



Hi Sir,

How to overcome fear during meditation process? For instance when we see a fearful vision while meditating



Mr Hughes,
I feel tht I really needed help in this area…thnx a tonne..God Bless


Profile photo of Michael Hughes Michael Hughes

You’re welcome Megh


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