Why Quiet Mind System Will Help You Reduce Your Stress & Anxiety & Become Healthier & Happier


If you’re suffering from:

  • Anxiety 
  • Stress
  • Controlling your anger 

And if you want to:

  • Discover how to focus
  • Gain inner peace
  • Boost your confidence

…then you’re  in the right place.

Because all of your problems (well…99% of them!) comes from your inability to do one thing.

And that is, being able to control the thoughts in your own mind.


How do you control your thoughts?

I’ll show you a technique which will help you to calm down and gain control of your mind.

You can learn the technique by reading, “The Secret Power Of Meditation,”  my Kindle book on Amazon or sign up below and I’ll send it to you 100% free

What Other People Say About The Secret Power of Meditation


Meditation which is simple, easy and very powerful.

Marcelle Hachey, Dieppe, NB Canada


After many years of medication for high blood pressure and anxiety I decided to take destiny into my own hands. Meditation has been a key to my successes, this book will give you the basics needed to get yourself started on your own path.



Teaching introspection isn’t easy, but Mike Hughes gets it. Simplifies it. Nails it.

G. Gale San Antonio Texas


This was the first self-help book I got. It has helped in my development. I would recommend it for beginners like me.



This book is vital in my opinion to anyone tired of sleepless nights and other stress-related issues. Stan A. Grimes


I look forward to any quiet time I put together to enter a quiet state using this technique.



Although the techniques are powerful in helping one obtain a higher level, they are simplified in step-by-step directions that anyone can follow.



A simple and effective technique that anyone can do. After the first week or two you will look forward to the time spent meditating.I feel more centered and relaxed. Best of all, my crazy boss doesn’t get to me so much anymore!

Carol Burnham


The practices help me to stay in my power no matter what is happening in the world around me. Easy, practical and a daily inspiration.



Practical, lovely, and functional for daily use. This book entails short to long-term guidance. Mike Hughes is genuine with sharing the Universal intention of peace.



Mike Hughes persistent effort in bringing meditation closer to us in today’s life with his practical approach delivers its fruits through this book. I can recommend to anyone trying his method.



This wonderful little meditation manual teaches the reader in a very simple and honest way – how to focus and learn to meditate. It is practical, straightforward, yet profound.



Very accessible method, clearly explained and easy to put into practice.

Fabio Martinelli


Read many of these types of books, but I found this easier and uncomplicated. I like the fact it doesn’t take too long to go through the reading material, some books on this subject are too long and complicated. Great book for people who are wanting to learn how to meditate, it basically shows how easy it is do.



The Secret Power of Meditation simplifies a state of being which can benefit anyone, especially those of us who live in a polluted environment.

Dr Brian Halvorsen


Mike’s book is a breath of fresh air, taking you simply and quickly to the key teachings. If you have little time available for learning meditation, then this is the book for you.



Extremely helpful during times of pressure and stress. It helps you to focus your life in the right way. Geoff Greenwood


I’m a much more calmer and centred person thanks to this book.



I love the way in which his belief in meditation is to simplify something that a lot of meditation teachers out there make out to be so very complicated.



This is so simple and yet so powerful it’s helped me immeasurably dealing with the chores and upsets of everyday city life. Richard M. Murphy

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    About Michael Hughes


Michael HughesI founded Quiet Mind System in 2010 . But I had 2 similar websites before that.

I’ve been interested in meditation, martial arts, psychology and health for most of my life.

I taught Martial Arts for many years and, at one stage, had my three daughters in my children’s class the same time.

Among the various practices I’ve studied include, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Meditation, Silva Mind System, Ba Gua, Alexander Technique, Pilates, Karate, Ju Jitsu, Aikido and Chin Na.

All of these arts have a value. But nothing has improved my life more than the relatively simple technique which I now teach.

I’ve now been practising the same technique for nearly 30 years.